Thursday, 11 March 2010


I use a set of simple rules I developed to give a fast game with no dice. It uses cards like Seastrike which have combat results and results of other actions already coded onto them. The turn activity is thus a matter of saying first what one intends to do and then turning a card to see if it is achieved. The game turn sequence is ordered by a deck of cards with more cards included for better leaders so they can more likely move first - but they can also choose to wait for their other cards to come up.

The whole thing is based on 1:1 scale with reenactment fighting informing some of the mechanics. The ground scale is arbitrary and houses and the forts are somewhat abstracted.

Units are a cluster of figures around a leader. Isolated figures can still do some basic things but can be chased off by groups. Isolated figures can be called in to a group by a leader.

I intend to streamline the whole thing so a gam ecan be played in 1 metre square or an area 2x1 metres with each side attacking in one half and defending in the other.

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